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Realtors could often be at risk when meeting strangers, or going to unfamiliar locations at all times of the day or evening. Don’t go alone, protect yourself with the Personal Security App which can alert the authorities in an instant or at a preset time.


Whether you are a social worker, home healthcare provider, or provide cleaning or other personal services, the Personal Security App provides a way to instantly call for help when you need it or when the time for your visit expires.


Individual sports like these can take you to isolated areas, day or night. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were afraid, Personal Security App can provide an alert to let the authorities know your location and get help on the way.


Whether walking home from school, out with friends shopping, or babysitting the neighbor’s kids, when your child is in a potentially dangerous situation they’ll be glad you gave them the Personal Security App to call the authorities for help. And you will be glad, too.


Sometimes you know you are walking into a potentially dangerous situation. But, sometimes a safe situation suddenly turns dangerous in a way you can’t expect. The Personal Security App by TX Security Dynamics is a game changer in a dangerous situation. By using instant or timer-set communication, you can notify the central alarm station to send help immediately. Your local authorities are notified, and using GPS capability on your phone, they can respond to your location. And, you are notified on what is being done to protect you as it happens.

Easy to download and activate, and there is no contract. At only $9.95 per month, you’ll quickly realize it’s value should you find yourself in a compromised situation.

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You may unexpectedly find yourself in a threatening situation. Quickly opening the App and swiping your finger across the SEND HELP button allows you to immediately summon help. The Central Station receives your alarm signal and notifies the authorities nearest your location. Throughout the emergency, updates are fed to your screen. You can use the text box to send more information about the emergency if you are able. Three buttons for Medical, Police, and Fire allow you to quickly provide the type of emergency. Should the emergency resolve, you can simply cancel the alarm with your “safe” word. Experience peace of mind, knowing that help can be on the way quickly in those unexpected emergency situations.

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Have you ever gone into a situation knowing something bad could happen, but knowing there would be no time to call for help? Those days are gone with the Virtual Escort feature of the TX Dynamic Security Personal Security App. Before entering those situations, simply open the app to the Virtual Escort, then press and hold the Virtual Escort “fingerprint” button until the situation is over. If the situation does turn bad, simply releasing the button activates the alarm to the Central Station, who will notify the local authorities to send help. Should the compromising situation resolve itself, simply cancel the alarm. Now you can walk to your car after work at night, knowing someone is ready to respond should you need assistance.

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If you were in a meeting that went “south” how long would it be before someone realized you were missing? As an insurance agent meeting that client at their house, as a real estate agent showing a house to potential buyers or checking on an empty house you have listed, as a social worker going into a high-crime neighborhood to help someone, you can determine how long that time will be. By setting START A MEETING with how long the meeting should take, an alarm is sent to the Central Station if you do not cancel or extend the timer prior to its expiration. They immediately notify the local authorities of the situation to get help on the way. You can provide the name of who you are meeting, information about the meeting or situation, the address, phone numbers, a description of what you are wearing, and any other information you feel would be helpful should a situation arise.

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The KEEP ME SAFE timer allows you to start a timer from 5 to 120 minutes. When it starts, it sends your GPS coordinates to the Central Station which stores the location and timer duration. If the timer runs out, a duress alarm activates and Central Station sends the authorities to your location. You can cancel or extend the timer as needed. You can also provide information that would be helpful to the authorities should you need them.

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To find out more about the Personal Security App, view our informative slideshow in pdf format or PowerPoint format. Or, if you choose, watch the videos.

Questions about the Personal Security App? Call us at 210.494.1964 or send us a message. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!


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